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Maxi Protect Hand Gel

200 ml

Personal skincare consultation
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Protective, cleansing and refreshing hand gel without the need for washing

Contains 70% ethyl alcohol

Recommended for daily use, wherever you are – in the office, on the road, in nature, in public places and others. Refreshes the skin and leaves a fine microfilm, which protects it against the harmful effects of the environment and ensures easy removal of contaminants that have come in contact with your hands.
Personal hygiene is extremely important in situations with an increased risk of viral and bacterial infections.

Suitable for:

  • Whenever you need to clean and protect your hands
  • Daily use in the office, on the road, in nature, in public areas, etc.


  • Cleanses and protects skin on the hands
  • Leaves a fine microfilm that protects the skin from the harmful effect of the environment and provides ensures easy removal of contaminants
  • refreshes
  • Is not sticky and does not dry the hands

How to use

  • Apply 1 ml of the gel (3-4 pumps) and rub into the palms, fingers and back of the hand until fully absorbed.


  • For the protection of babies, it is preferred to wash the hands with water and soap!


alcohol, aqua, glycerin, polyquaternium-37, benzalkonium chloride, menthol

Active Ingredients

  • Alcohol – protects and cleanses the skin
  • Menthol – refreshes and aromatizes


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